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Take a FEW MINUTES to fill out a loan request and, if qualified, you receive multiple lender proposals within a COUPLE OF HOURS.



You will NEVER be forced to provide your name, phone number, or SSN. We will NEVER pull credit. You will NEVER be contacted until YOU CHOOSE a lender.



Magilla truly is FREE. As with any loan, you will pay closing costs to finalize your loan. But our platform is FREE.

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At Magilla Loans, we believe three things when it comes to getting a business or home loan:

  • You should be able to find a lender without having several hard pulls on your credit report.
  • The number of people who have access to your personal information should be extremely limited.
  • It shouldn’t be a tedious, drawn-out process that involves searching for just the right lender.


We've been through the process, and we know how mind-numbing it can be. You go from lender to lender, have all those hard pulls on your credit report, not to mention the countless number of eyes that have access to your private information. We knew there had to be a better way.

Why should a person have to share personal information with a bunch of people and businesses who don’t really need to see it?


Then came the epiphany. Every day people were logging on to websites to find the best deals on hotels, airfare, even real estate — so why not lenders? Why not create a secure, anonymous site that would match lenders to people looking for business loans or home loans?

To get access to lenders who fit your profile, all you have to do is sign up for FREE membership on the Magilla Loans site — there is never a charge to use our search platform. Just provide your email address and a password.

Next, choose the type of loan you are looking for, then answer a few questions. You are never asked for your name, social security number or other personal information, and we will NEVER run your credit — we feel that information should be between you and your lender — ONLY.

You won’t be contacted by anyone until you choose a lender.

It’s just that simple.


matchmaking for loans

Think of Magilla Loans as a matchmaking service that brings lenders and borrowers together. Get a mortgage rate quote so that you can purchase a new home or renovate your existing home. Maybe you're looking to invest in real property and need a real estate loan, or maybe you just want to refinance. These are all possibilities, and there are lenders that want your business — you just need to find them.

On the other hand, you might be thinking about opening your own business or expanding your existing one. In that case, you’ll be looking for the right loan to get things moving, whether you want to buy out your partner, start a practice or get a line of credit.

magilla saves you time

You have all the options that you would have if you approached each lender individually, but we save you from knocking on all those doors. You don’t have to go from one lender to the next, only to find that they aren’t a fit for you. Best of all, your private information stays right where you want it to — with you. You choose who sees it.

There are lenders right now that are looking for a borrower just like you. All you have to do is answer a few questions and let our platform go to work for you. When the responses start coming in, you choose who you communicate with and what information you give them.

empowering the borrower

That’s the beauty of Magilla Loans — we give you the power of choice. We’ll put you in touch with lenders who fit your profile and who are seeking lending situations like yours.

What are you waiting for? Your home or business loan could be just a few clicks away.

Start your search today! Just click on the yellow button to get started. Not sure where to start? Try our home mortgage calculator or business loan calculator to figure out your next step.


We help you find loans for business, real estate and home. Different lenders are interested in different types of loans, and those interests can change daily. Those interested in real estate loans would be looking to lend on investment property, refinancing real estate, commercial property acquisitions, and land investment. You may want to purchase an office, a multifamily apartment complex or a hotel, or simply grow your business.

saving you time

You want to make sure that your needs and goals line up with what the lender is seeking. When that magic happens, you have a much better chance of getting approved for the loan.

Banks have rotating loan portfolios, and you may never otherwise know what type of loan they are aggressive in at that moment. But the Magilla Loans search engine is able to help you maximize your chances by matching you with the most aggressive opportunities in that moment.

You may have trouble finding the right lender for your jumbo home loan. Some lenders may only be interested in working with homeowners or prospective homebuyers for home loans.

Our search system lets you indicate whether you specifically need a jumbo loan, or a loan to renovate, construct, or refinance. This streamlines your process of finding a lender because your information will only go to those institutions that are looking for those types of loans.

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We make business loans easy

Business loans can be tough. They often take a lot of footwork. When a company lends to a business, they are putting a lot of faith in that business.

You can buy into a franchise or acquire a business, but a lot of loans are used to expand an existing company as well. Creating or expanding a fleet, buying out a partner or expanding the company are all viable reasons to take out a business loan.

The type of loan you need makes a difference when you shop for a lender. That's why our loan questionnaire is so detailed. We gather as much information as possible — without infringing on your privacy — so that our lenders know exactly what you want. They also have a somewhat limited picture of you, which allows them to determine if they are a match for you.

Then that’s when the magic really happens.