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In interviewing various lenders and the California Dental Association (CDA); Magilla has created a pilot program to help dentists buy and sell their practices with ease.

Each lender we spoke to expressed a unique desire to lend to the dental profession. Recent dental and specialty school students are finding it easier to pay off their school loans by going to work for dental corporations for a few years before making the transition to private practice.

While a private dental practice is a viable option, many graduates prefer to get into their own practice and start building their business or purchase an existing practice and be their own boss. Either way, Magilla has found lenders with competitive loan rates who are willing to help make your dreams into reality!

Magilla is helping new dental graduates and established dentists who dream of starting and owning their own business with loans for the following!

• New dental practice startup.

• Purchase an existing dental practice.

• Purchase dental equipment.

• Student Loan Consolidation (a private, generally a federal loan) by making it part of startup and purchase costs. This is a unique situation, but we are aware that this is what is oftentimes precluding new graduates from pursuing their dream of owning their own dental practice!

Loan borrower tips:

• Check your monthly payments with our Business Loan calculator.