About Us

Our story is real.

Our story is true.

We are borrowers.

Having closed numerous loans over the past fifteen years, we saw exactly what was wrong with the way loans were obtained in America, whether for home or business.

We would find three to five bankers to work with, meet with them, and tell each of them our story.

We would then make copies of our highly-sensitive, private information and hand it to these bankers we didn’t even know, only to never see these documents again.

Then, we would wait… and wait… and…

We could not believe how long it took to receive a term sheet; oftentimes months would pass.

And when we finally had all the term sheets in hand, we were forced to create our own spreadsheet to compare and contrast the offers.

We could not believe how much time it took out of running our businesses: the productivity loss; the senseless wasted time.

We knew there had to be a better way.

When we couldn’t find what we needed online, we built it. We set out to create something for borrowers, like us. We set out to improve the loan process in America.

That is why we created Magilla.