About Us

Magilla Loans is a search engine for loans which connects borrowers to banks and other lending companies without requesting personal information. The platform enables borrowers to search and compare loans without providing a name, social security, or phone number. The loan proposals are presented on its patented MagChart™, allowing borrowers to easily compare the loan terms and choose a lender. Magilla has already channeled billions of dollars in loans through its website since launching in September of 2015.

Founding Team

headshot of Dean Sioukas

Dean J. Sioukas

Dean J. Sioukas is the Co-Founder and CTO of Magilla. Prior to launching Magilla Loans, Mr. Sioukas was the CEO of Sioukas Investments which is credited for developing thousands of homes, the Amazon fulfillment center, and numerous commercial buildings in the greater Sacramento region. Mr. Sioukas earned a JD/MBA from Columbia University and a BA in Economics from the University of California at Berkeley with a minor in classical civilizations. After passing the California State bar, Mr. Sioukas worked as a real estate transactional attorney for several years before becoming a full-time real estate developer.

headshot of Chrisa Pappas

Chrisa Pappas

Chrisa Pappas earned a BA from Boston University. Chrisa has vast experience in all aspects of commercial real estate development, architecture, design, management, and finance. Chrisa is a principal of Pappas Investments and Inverness Equities.

headshot of Chris Meyer

Chris Meyer

Chris Meyer is the Co-Founder and CEO of Magilla Loans. Prior to launching Magilla Loans, Mr. Meyer was the CEO of Lind Brothers Mortuary in Northern California since 2001. He is a graduate of Brandeis University with a BA in Politics and History and obtained his JD and Masters in Environmental Law and Policy graduating magna cum laude from Vermont Law School.

Our Vision

We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by being the best search engine for loans.

How it Began

Like most business owners, Chris Meyer found the lending process tedious and drawn out. In ten years of running various businesses, he applied for fourteen loans. Each required over two months to assemble the loan package: three years of business and personal tax returns, a personal financial statement, and an application for each bank. One day, he reflected upon how many people he didn’t know had access to his most private information. In today's tech world, he knew there had to be a faster, more secure way to get loans.

Meyer reached out to his good friend, Dean Sioukas, to ask if he knew of a lending website similar to Kayak. Sioukas, a self-taught tech aficionado, searched the web and was shocked to discover it did not exist. Together, the two friends saw a way to transform the lending process and co-founded Magilla Loans. Sioukas became the Chief Technical Officer and wrote the code for the first version of the website. After many transformations and an app to boot, Magilla Loans has already channeled billions of dollars in loans through its website since launching in September 2015.